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You may have pictures and other documents, which you would like to display on Song Race Team Swap Sheet BBS. The images and documents must be stored online but do not have to be stored on the Songraceteam server in order to be displayed on the http://songraceteam.com/cgi-bin/bbs/bbs_entrance.cgi web page. They must be stored on an Internet Server that allows external linking. Old free photo hosting accounts like

http://www.ofoto.com/Welcome.jsp , www.yahoo.com  and http://community.webshots.com no longer allow external linking.


Recently I found a new website which does. http://www.photobucket.com Of course your pictures must be in a digital format (either from a digital camera or scanned if taken from a film negative/positive or print.


First: Sign up for a "free" account at http://photobucket.com/ and remember your username and password.

Choose to accept or decline any promotional offers and enter a valid email address to receive the activation email with link. (this might be a disposable web mail address like hotmail or yahoo in case it gets sold or passed on to outside advertisers)

Open activation email and follow the link to activate account then log in using your username and password.

Add picture by choosing "Browse" and navigating to the folder where you keep your pictures (normally My Pictures - in Windows)

Select picture file and press  the "submit" button to upload (close any pop-up window ads which warn of unsafe software or the like using the red close button in the upper right corner) then continue.

Choose the 'links' button at the bottom of the page then 'select' (highlight by clicking & dragging) then copy (right click on selection and choose copy) this will copy the html tag including the image source to our Windows clipboard.

You may test this tag by choosing HTML Practice link from the upper right menu of your My Album page. Here right click and PASTE the tag into the practice window. Add a pair of open & close paragraph tags like these <p></p> then type in your message below the picture. (type in any description and contact information you choose so that perspective buyers can reach you easily. A phone number and/or email address is recommended) To view your practice page hit the "preview HTML" button below and look at the bottom of the page to confirm picture and message. You may go back the practice window to edit your message and preview again until it is right. If it looks OK you are ready to copy the whole message with HTML tag to the clipboard and precede to the Swap Sheet page. Choose the "Highlight HTML" button then right click on the selection and copy.

Now you are ready go to the Swap Sheet and paste the HTML tag with message into the posting window


Note on Photo sizing:

Photobucket limits files sizes to a maximum of 250 kb. This can be achieved by editing photos in any good photo editor like Adobe Photoshop Elements or Paint Shop Pro. Both a easy to use and inexpensive. Resize pics to resolutions between vga and svga or  640 x 480 pixels to 800 x 600 pixels and save as a jpeg. (.jpg extension) This should reduce it to somewhere between 50 and 150 kb depending on size and jpeg compression used.


If you lack the tools or expertise for the above, don't worry. Photobucket.com also includes a limited photo editor which can resize pictures to various percentages 75%, 50% or 25%. (and will automatically reduce file size to 250 kb when uploading.  So, if your original pic was 2 mega pixels and 350 kb or 1600 x 1200 pixels, resizing to 25% would make it 400 x 300 (quite acceptable). After logging into your album account you should see any uploaded pictures at the bottom of the My Album page. Here you can choose the 'edit' button just above the thumbnail of your picture (previously uploaded) to resize any.


 You can use HTML code to both display those pictures in-line anywhere on a Swap Sheet bulletin board or to create a link from the Swap Sheet to those pictures and documents. 

Advanced users my use following HTML code to format text and add links, but the previous discussion of Photbucket.com, uploading, copying the image tag, paragraph tags and message will produce and very acceptable post for selling your gear on the swap sheet.


The Swap Sheet BBS interprets any text between the symbols <html> and </html> as HTML. These tags are not necessary as the BBS and Photobucket Practice pages insert these for you automatically.

The most useful HTML code, including examples, follow below:


To insert an image in-line


<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v513/radesign/IMG_0174.jpg">


pictured example is 552 x 416 pixels



To insert a link to any Web site:

<A HREF="http://radesignz.com">my web site</A>

my web site


To make text bold

<B>Text to display as bold goes here</B>

Text to display as bold goes here


To italicize text

<I>Text to italicize goes here</I>

Text to italicize goes here


To underline

<U>Text to be underlined goes here</U>

Text to be underlined goes here


To create a link to an e-mail address

<A HREF="mailto: yourname@your_domainname.com ">my email address</A>


my email address


Good luck,




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